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Your health and safety – we’ve got it covered

Dear guests,

Your comfort and health and safety have always been most important to us. Now, in those unprecedented times, your health and safety has become the centre piece.

According to the scientific advisors of the UK government and the WHO the coronavirus is mainly spread either from person to person through respiratory droplets or through contact with contaminated surfaces. The coronavirus is an enveloped virus and destroying the envelop will inactivate the virus.

With this information in mind and in tune with the government’s guidelines and WHO recommendations we’ve made some risk-based amendments, which will all help to protect you.

This page will give you information about how we actually have amended procedures and the overall guest experience at B&B Rafters during the COVID-19 pandemic. It will be updated as and when new guidance becomes available.

It is important to note that B&B Rafters has only 4 guest rooms to accommodate a max of 6 guests. The breakfast room is a dedicated room for guests only. It is not the family dining room.

All guest rooms are on the same floor with straight-forward layout – no hidden corners. Therefore, it is highly unlikely guests could suddenly bump into each other while coming and going.

Please do your bit and follow the social distancing and hygiene guidelines set out by the government.

Cleaning and Hygiene Measures at B&B Rafters

You will be able to sanitise your hands when you arrive (and during your stay) and will check-in paperless.

All rooms will have been aired as much as the weather is permitting.

Building upon the existing very high standards for cleaning several additional hygiene measures have been introduced.

  • All likely to be touched surfaces in public spaces and in the guest rooms will be sanitised using an EN 14476 approved BioHygiene product. This includes the soap/shampoo dispensers in the bathroom. As we are still committed to reducing plastic waste, we decided against the single use soap/shampoo bottles.
  • Throws and scatter cushions have been removed from the guest rooms along with some other decorative items, pen and pads, books and leaflets. Those are available on request.
  • Bathrobes are available, they are bagged up.
  • Radios and alarm clocks have gone. To listen to the radio please tune in on the smart TV; in case you prefer a wake-up call to your mobile ring tone, just let us know.
  • You will still find guest information folders and breakfast menus in the room. They will have been in quarantine and will be quarantined again once you have checked-out.
  • You will be able to make yourself a cup of tea/coffee in your room. All you need for this will be in the room or offered to you after your check-in.
  • Because of the current situation your room will not be serviced routinely on a daily basis to ensure no-one enters the room unless requested. If you would like your room to be cleaned during your stay, please just let us know. It will get done during your absence.
  • Instead of helping yourself at a breakfast buffet you will be able to order from our breakfast menu. Everything will be freshly prepared. Condiments and homemade jams will be individually portioned.
  • Alternatively, you can opt for our newly created take away breakfast; all of which will be freshly prepared as well and delivered to your door.

Minimising person-to-person contact

  • When you arrive in our driveway, please phone 07824 378720 to check that there isn’t already a queue for check-in, which is rather unlikely but has happened.
  • Please always adhere to the social distancing guidelines.
  • Please pre-book a time-slot for your breakfast with us in order to be able to adhere to those social distancing rules.
  • You will be able to check-out paperless. We will take payment the day before you check-out and send the receipt via email.

Please do contact us, if you have any specific questions not answered by this document. We’re here to help.

01865 391298
07824 378720

We look forward to welcoming you here at B&B Rafters.

Stay safe.